COMM 290 Special Topics (Annenberg School for Communication, University of Pennsylvania)

From Beulah to Awkward Black Girl: Black Women In and On U.S. Television

This seminar course interrogates the cultural and political conditions that provide the context for Black women’s depiction on U.S. television since the 1950s, and examines industry discourses and practices that coincide with shifts in Black women’s visibility on and in television. This course situates television as an apparatus of discursive and ideological power, not simply an entertainment medium.

Reading List

COMM 200 Communication and Culture (Annenberg School for Communication & Journalism, University of Southern California)

This seminar course begins with the premise that any study of communication entails an understanding of culture and vice-versa. Over the semester, students will engaged with a variety of theories that will facilitated and understanding of this complex connection between communication and culture. Through utilizing “textual analysis” as a critical methodological approach to the study of culture and communication, students with practice cultural criticism. Each week, we will touch on key communication and cultural theories and concepts, and address contemporary topics such as news media and discourses of race, the manufacturing of Korean pop music and “Idols,” the cultural appropriation of rap music, and the role of new media in current racial politics and social justice movements.