Dr. Dayna E. Chatman, Ph.D. is an Assistant Professor of Media and Intersectionality at the University of Oregon’s School of Journalism and Communication. Dr. Chatman is a feminist media scholar whose areas of research include the contemporary television industry and audience and fan studies. First, her research focuses on the ways racial, gender, and cultural politics are navigated and deployed within decision-making and production practices within the television industry, specifically amongst network executives, showrunners, producers, writers, and talent agencies. Secondly, Dr. Chatman is interested in the examination of social media spaces in which Black viewers and fans’ consume, discuss, and interact with post-network era (mid-2000s to the present) television programs driven by Black female protagonists.

Researchers who wish to collaborate or know more about Dr. Chatman’s work are invited to follow her on Twitter at DaynaC_PhD, or email her at dayna (dot) e (dot) chatman (at) alumni (dot) usc (dot) edu.